Thoughts on Cryptocurrency - Toronto SEO Expert

I have been a huge fan of cryptocurrency since ~2013 and have watched the price rally to extreme highs. I’m extremely bullish about crypto but most of the people I know aren’t really talking much about it and the friends I have are more technically inclined so they know how to buy it.

The current market definitely seems to be driven by crypto people. Last time BTC hit an all time high I vividly remember lots of people outside the Crypto community talking about it and even some of them purchasing (and selling at a loss) so we are far from that peak. Current public interest appears fairly low to me.

Seems like anytime BTC hits a major new all time high there’s tons of media coverage and everyone is talking about it for a month before the hype dies down and the process repeats. Maybe next time it won’t be BTC that everyone is talking about but ETH?

I think to get the same kinda mania we had in 2017 BTC will need to do more than break 20k. Don’t get me wrong there’s going to be a lot of hype when it hit’s 20k again but BTC has been there before.

We need to see something new happen to generate that kinda hype again and get people interested in Crypto. Either BTC needs to reach a new all time high that’s significantly higher than 20k or something else has to happen.

I think the public is very unaware of ETH and if it starts to climb a lot and makes more people millionaires I could see some massive press coverage. It’s always hard to predict these kinda things but I think if you’re looking long term and sticking to the trusted coins you can’t go wrong.

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I’m also very much waiting for the first mainstream dapp, I think that’s going to be huge for crypto.