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As the founder of Nomadic Advertising, a digital marketing agency, I was recently invited as a guest on a podcast where I shared my insights and experiences related to various topics in the digital marketing realm. One of the topics we discussed in-depth was the versatile and widely used CMS platform, WordPress. I spoke on the reasons why WordPress is a favored platform by many of our clients, which includes its flexibility, risk mitigation, and its self-hosted nature. The platform provides clients with the freedom to make any changes to their website’s code without restrictions. Additionally, it is the most widely used CMS platform on the internet and has budget-friendly options. However, I also acknowledge that other platforms like Wix and Squarespace have their use cases in the digital marketing space, especially for individuals who are not web developers and have limited capital.

We then transitioned to a more complex topic of blockchain and fintech industries and how companies can effectively market themselves in such industries. I pointed out that these industries have unique vocabularies that can be difficult for people to comprehend, and ad platforms like Google and Facebook are often reluctant to accept advertisements from companies in these industries due to bad actors, making marketing a challenging feat. To overcome these challenges, I recommended that companies in these industries focus on organic marketing channels such as search engine optimization (SEO) and create educational content to help users understand their industry. By focusing on organic channels, companies can avoid concerns regarding ad accounts getting disapproved or shutdown. Through organic content, companies can build a community, generate organic traffic and position themselves as an authority in the space. As many companies, including major players like FTX and Celsius, are imploding, the time is right for new companies to establish themselves as authorities in the space. Thus, in a nutshell, my recommendation for any company in a highly technical space with a lot of confusion is to create content-driven marketing, build a community, and become an authority in the space.

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As an experienced entrepreneur, I also shared valuable tips with the audience during the podcast. One of the tips I shared was the importance of developing a unique approach instead of copying competitors. I related my experience of going door-to-door to sell my services and failing to make a single sale. Instead, I had to discover my own approach to grow my business.

Another critical tip I shared was the importance of prioritizing sales, as no business can exist without them. While my background is technical, and I initially focused on having the best SEO and technical components, I soon realized that sales should come first. I advised listeners not to expect any marketing hack to grow their business and to be relentless in their efforts to make sales.

While some may disagree with my approach of not focusing on one industry and instead working with clients from various industries, I emphasized the importance of doing what works for oneself. I also acknowledged that what may work for one person may not work for another.

Overall, the podcast provided an excellent opportunity for me to share my insights and experiences with the audience. I hope it will be helpful to those looking to improve their digital marketing strategies. I encourage everyone to listen to the full podcast and learn how to apply the tips and strategies discussed to their business.