Google Delivers Snapchat Discovery Functionality with Stamp - Toronto SEO Expert

Always looking to stay on top of the latest tech trends, Google is reportedly working to unveil a new feature on their search engine – one which closely mimics the “Discover” feature on Snapchat.  Rumoured by the Wall Street Journal to be called “Stamp,” the technology will deliver fast, stripped down “stories” from different media outlets, all built on AMP technology.  The stamp is purportedly a portmanteau of AMP, like the associated technology, and “St” as a short form of stories. At this time, it is certain that the tech will be available on mobile, if and when it is created, but it is hard to say whether the feature will make it over to desktop users.  Currently, Google is already discussing the project with the likes of CNN, Time, The Washington Post, and other major news outlets, who will likely be the sources of the first Google Stamps.  Unlike Snapchat’s Discover, Google’s tech will carry the benefit of being accessible from nearly all search pages, rather than just one application.

Savvy website owners have always been able to take lucrative advantage over Google’s desire to stay top dog in the internet information sector, and Stamp is no exception.  For owners of websites that provide media, news or even other avenues of information, creating a Stamp friendly set of publications and collaborating with Google could potentially draw exponentially more traffic to your site!  This will be easy if you already dabble with Snapchat’s Discover since the two platforms are so similar.  It is likely that you will be able to use stripped down versions of your Discover feed, reducing any extra leg work!

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As always, it is important to stay on top of Google’s new tech releases.  The stamp is not their only foray into the media providing sector of the net – they are also rumored to be making changes to their homepage that incorporate a personalized news feed.  In essence, Google is trying to introduce delivery of information before the user knows they need it, in lieu of the traditional search query.  If webmasters stay on their toes and follow these developments, they can surely cash in on Google’s initiative!